Interested in a workshop & performance by SaMel Tanz? 

SaMel Tanz Leitbild 
(Mission Statment)

We exist to entertain and enlighten audiences by sharing innovative and physical dance explorations of the human experience. 

SaMel Tanz seeks to share their unique movement along with their experiences and passion for dance with all generations. Bringing aspiring participants  right to the core of how and why they move, SaMel Tanz offer dance performances and workshops for all ages and abilities, empowering participants to be free of self-judgement, mirrors, or fear.
Within their workshops, SaMel Tanz  teach a score of choreography that is always inspired by a personal story or idea to connect dance to life. The workshops allow particpants to explore unfamiliar territory of movment, uncover their own creative ways to travel their bodies through space, and learn kinesthetically.
Workshops can be designed for clients specific needs. Fees are provided upon request and can vary.
Performances can be included in Workshop per client request.

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